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At PC Doctorz we strive to provide the ultimate cure for your PC or laptop.

We are located in Port Orange Florida and have been in business for 7 years providing services including virus removal, first-time set ups, cracked screens and more.There's little we can't get done in our operating room. We also sell refurbished/new computers that are fast and user-friendly.

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Computer feeling ill? Bring your computer or laptop to our operating room. We will remove all the adware and configure the settings to give your machine optimal performance. Furthermore, we make adjustments that will create an environment more familiar to the windows 7 program and turn off programs that linger behind the scenes and slow down your computer performance.

First Time Set Up

First-Time Set Up

Just purchased a new computer? Let us help you set it up! During this process, we configure all the settings to get optimal performance to give your machine the capabilities to go quicker than usual and make it user-friendly, most importantly if you prefer Windows 7 we will create an environment that is similar to the program. This process applies to refurbished or previously owned computers as well.

Data Recovery


Missing those important pictures or documents? No worries let us help you retrieve those important documents, pictures, music, downloads, shortcuts, or favorites in your web browser. We will even teach you how to do it!