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My computer was running extremely slow with Windows 7. Researched computer repair in my area and found PC Doctorz. Vito and Tony replaced everything with Windows 10, was able to save all my sites and passwords. All within 24 hours. Totally happy!


This was just an amazing experience. I love the work done on my laptop. I went in expecting to have to buy a new one at a very reasonable price (I called ahead). What was suggested was to change the hard drive at half the price. The new speed of this laptop is beyond belief. You need to see for yourself the exceptional service before you go anywhere else!


Love this company. I got great straight forward advise from the get go which prompted to getting a new tower. The old one was fried. They were able to recovery all my files from the old hard drive all 1+TB of it. They optimized my new machine to let it run like WOW... I've worked with other companies in the past. Priced right, on time, honest. These are my new "go-to" guys. Thanks


When I wanted to install a "new" (refurbished) computer that I had purchased on the Internet I realized there was no way I would be able to do it on my own. My wife had heard good things about a local company that offered the service I needed. She called PC Doctorz and arranged for a service call. As luck would have it the owner himself came to my house. He set up the "new" computer then added all the files and photos from the old one. When he finished that he went through my sluggish old computer, making it like brand new. Now instead of throwing it out. I plan to use it in at another location. I am very pleased with PC Doctorz